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Dear Miss Expert 11 - Labyrinth FF
Dear Miss Expert,
Most of the time I know that I’m lucky that my birthday’s during the summer: no homework, projects, test, or papers!
But not getting the attention in my favorite classes… I’m trying to not be jealous of my friends when they get a free homework pass, or the “birthday crown” or whatever.
It doesn’t seem quite fair somehow.
Am I just being selfish? What should I do?
Unbirthday pout,
:iconkyndsie:Kyndsie 4 3
Frosted Labyrinth
Based on Robert Frost's original poem "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening"
Whose games these are I think I know.
His maze is made of glitter though;
He will still watch me walking here
To test his tricks and win the show
My little Tobe I sometimes hear;
To think I’d hate to hold him near!
Between the songs and RBCs,
The weirdest evening of the year…
He gives his little hands a shake
And laughs as though there’s no mistake.
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of stalking King and glitt’ry flake.
The ball is oddly dark, and deep.
But I have promises to keep.
And Tobe to find before I sleep
And dreams to break before I sleep
:iconkyndsie:Kyndsie 8 9
Dear Miss Expert 10 - Labyrinth FF
Dear Miss Expert,
There’s a dance coming up. Not Homecoming; that was earlier in the Fall, and I wasn't interested in any of the guys that looked like they were going to ask me out, so I announced I wasn't going. Anyway, this is a “Winter Wonderland” or some similar theme.  This one is less of a big deal, I guess.
Except for one thing. I’m going… because someone asked me!
But here’s my problem: Dad doesn’t want me to go with the guy who asked me. My step-mother’s thrilled, because I’m “finally dating.”
What should I do? I want to go, and Dad hasn’t said why he doesn’t like it. Or maybe it’s the guy who asked me…
Dancing around the subject,
:iconkyndsie:Kyndsie 7 11
Dear Miss Expert 9 - Labyrinth FF
Dear Miss Expert,
The teachers and the guidance counselor at school are talking about our classes for next year, and “encouraging” us to think about colleges, and how important it is to have a good GPA.
Are they trying to make a bunch of freshmen panic? We’re all only around 15 years old, and it’s only October!
What’s with them?!  I thought that adults didn’t want us to grow up so fast… It’s too confusing.
:iconkyndsie:Kyndsie 4 17
Declaration Identity: A Labyrinth Statement
To Whom It May Concern:
When you saw me, I was uncertain.
When you watched me, I was costumed.
When you heard me, I was annoyed, and imagined myself unvalued.
When you met me, I was frightened and cowered before you.
When you offered me dreams, I was repentant and regretful.
When you dared me, I was defiant and determined.
When you hid from me, I found you.
When you led me, I was entranced.
When you challenged me, I was victorious.
When you begged me, I was blind and unable.
I am an individual, self-determined and forming my life as I want.  Why should I deny the impact you made, the influence that the memory of you still has?  I’m learning not to deny any part of my history, but to accept it. But I choose what to do with it. The fact that you gave me a Grand Adventure does not mean that we are fated to continue together.
Assume nothing, Goblin King.
I am Sarah Williams, and I am not impressed.
:iconkyndsie:Kyndsie 14 29
Dear Miss Expert 8 - Labyrinth FF
Dear Miss Expert,
One of my friends recently got a tattoo. It’s small, and her mom went with her. Something about her being underage and showing parental consent, even though she did just turn sixteen.  It’s small, and simple: the outline of a daisy. I guess you’d call it tasteful.
I admit that it does have the rest of us talking about tattoos, and whether or not we’d ever get any, and if we’re okay with needles. I’m currently undecided about it.
It’s more that I’m jealous of my friend. She actually got to talk this over with her parents – and they listened to her! Plus her mom went with her. Assuming that I wanted one and could get approval, it’d have to be my dad or stepmother going with me…
Besides, my real mom would probably tell me not to get it because it could hurt my acting chances. There’s not one single design that would fit every role.
In non-erasable ink,
:iconkyndsie:Kyndsie 8 62
Dear Miss Expert 7 - Labyrinth FF
Dear Miss Expert,
I don’t even know if you’d know, but I have a question about birds. One kind of bird.  An owl, to be precise.  I know that owls are nocturnal (ugh… I owe that English teacher an apology for those vocabulary quizzes that we all hated), and that they’re hunters, and that they’re stealthy.
I know that different kinds live in different climates, that most fly, but that some burrow.
I know that different kinds have different coloring.
But can they have eyes of two different colors?
And do they really watch people, and understand what they’re saying and doing?
Do they follow us around, as though they make pets of us?
This sounds really stupid to say, but I think there’s an owl that has a crush on me. I’m glad at least that he hasn’t left any dead rodents on my windowsill.
How do I let him down easy?
Not a fish, but (maybe) loved by a bird,
:iconkyndsie:Kyndsie 12 31
Magical Past: Just a Toy, Nothing More
Please see A/N for credits!
She was running late. Naturally.  Rehearsal ran until two-thirty instead of ending as planned at two o’clock. In this case, it was a good thing; it was going well, and their director, Jeremy, was pleased. But that didn’t stop Autumn from groaning about it as she walked into the local toy store.
She was on a mission, and nothing and nobody would delay her further.
Today was the day she got to meet her god-daughter, her unofficial niece: Sarah, the daughter of her fellow company-member Linda. She simply couldn’t arrive empty-handed!
As Autumn quickly pushed the door open, the bell jingled rapidly. The clerk at the register must have noticed the determined expression on this shopper’s face, because he purposefully didn’t mention that the store was due to close for inventory in ten minutes; the large signs in the store windows and by the register were all too clear on the subject.
Autumn sighed as she scann
:iconkyndsie:Kyndsie 34 70
Ordinary Magic: Face to Face
An unexpected early morning finds Goblin King and Goblin Queen, sitting together on their favorite settee. Whether this is a twin to the piece of furniture in the Queen’s dressing room, or is actually the same one is of no consequence; Sarah has long suspected that Jareth charmed it to be in whatever room he’d likely find her.
The angle of the light as it enters the windows of this family-only room of the Castle Beyond the Goblin City always has a slight mist-like quality to it: things seems vague, full of possibilities, wistful.
The Goblin Queen shifts out of the Goblin King’s arms. He is surprised, so he lets her, privately amused at her action, but relieved that she doesn’t go far. In fact, her legs swing over his now, instead of remaining half-tucked up beside her. He places his left hand on her right calf, and slides his right hand along her waist and a little toward her back, maintaining contact, even as Sarah looks at him.
She looks at him:
:iconkyndsie:Kyndsie 20 32
Ordinary Magic: Steal an Hour
***See A/N for info on the cover picture. It isn't mine!***
Despite my title, my position, my role in our realm, I do sometimes revert to using certain mundane phrases. Less frequently now than when I was first married, rarely out loud, and never around those whose misunderstanding of my meaning would truly cause problems.
This evening, I stole an hour.  The day’s duties were officially done, although a true monarch is never really finished. I watched my husband, my Goblin King, cuddle our baby.  There are some in positions of power who shunt their offspring to the fringes, seeing them only seldom, and initiating physical contact only when absolutely necessary, as for various Ceremonies.  I was pleased and surprised to learn very early in our parenthood that Jareth and I share the opinion that it is absolutely necessary to have lots of daily, affectionate, physical contact with each child, however many we have.
This evening, I stole an hour. I saw my lord walk all s
:iconkyndsie:Kyndsie 25 51
The Right Bait - Labyrinth FF
It was a gloomy day that wouldn’t make up its mind to rain. Sarah didn’t notice. If Karen had had any doubts about her step-daughter’s relationship with some man that hadn’t been introduced to the Williams family yet, that basic fact should have dispelled them all.
And, strangely enough, it did.
Somehow, Karen was going ring-shopping with Sarah for him. Wedding ring shopping.  After spending all morning, watching Sarah examine every possible candidate at the jeweler’s, Karen suggested that they break for lunch.
Willing to be fed, Sarah agreed, knowing that Karen would finally begin to grill her about her mysterious fiancé.
Once the food had arrived, Sarah forestalled the inevitable barrage of questions. “How about if I just tell you about him?”
At Karen’s quick nod and impatient gesture, Sarah began.
It was a couple of years ago now, when I was auditioning for the traveling repertory troupe. Winston was stage
:iconkyndsie:Kyndsie 31 46
Ordinary Magic: Our Settee
We sit there, cuddled together, as though we were an ordinary couple. Young professionals, blue collar, freelance, it doesn’t matter. In this aspect, we are ordinary: husband and wife, sitting together, sharing one another’s space even as the fireplace performs its function.
This time, he was there first. As I sat by myself at the other end of the room, engrossed in my own thoughts, I felt his gaze. This time, he drew me over with naught but a look and that smirk. He took my hand gently, reverently, and eased me down into his arms, onto his lap.
Another time, I was there first. He wasn’t even in the room, but elsewhere about his realm, tending to business. I watched the fire and thought of him, and missed him. My mind found him, tapped him on the shoulder, and beckoned. He reclined himself with me, his head on my lap, and my hands entwined in his fly-away blond hair.
Another time, he was there first. I wasn’t even in the room. As I walked through t
:iconkyndsie:Kyndsie 18 83
Sarah's Journal - 13
A/N – Flower link:  
Saturday, June 23rd
Sooooo glad that I was able to fall asleep right away last night, because it’s early, and I’m wide awake. The sun is already up, but it doesn’t sound as though anybody else is.
I called Ludo after I calmed down again last night. He’s really the best teddy bear EVER: fiercely protective, cuddly and soft, and BIG. Just make sure that he gets regular baths… Okay, so I’m glad that I can’t smell through the mirror because I know that he doesn’t bathe frequently. But that’s okay.
Anyway, I was so excited about today that I couldn’t sit still. Good thing that Ludo doesn’t look at me weird for dancing around the room even when there’s no music playing.
But here’s the thing: Today’s my 16th birthday, and my friends are coming over soon (or eventually. I didn’t realize
:iconkyndsie:Kyndsie 8 36
Dear Miss Expert 6 - Labyrinth FF
Dear Miss Expert,
When people describe things, like objects, as though they have personalities and choices and the senses, and stuff, maybe I didn’t even pay attention to it before. Maybe I just thought it was funny, or that people were trying to show off and be creative or something.
Now… I think those people are actually right.  But just mostly about when they talk about the wind. They’ll say it dances or it sings, it pushes or it leads you along. Except that sometimes it feels as though it’s truly holding me in its arms. As though it has fingers on my cheek, running through my hair, playing with my own fingers.
And I like how it feels, but I’m worried.
Wouldn’t it be better for me to have a boyfriend for that kind of physical contact, instead of letting my imagination think that an element of the weather can do it??
What’s next… thinking that the rain can hold me, or that the sun can kiss me?
:iconkyndsie:Kyndsie 12 40
20 Questions for the Goblin King: 2nd Epilogue, 3
***SPOILERS - Read the complete interview first - SPOILERS ***
Until Sarah used a second of the remaining questions shortly thereafter, when they were discussing names for the child. Such a quaint Aboveground custom! Jareth had to explain to his wife why most of her suggestions were completely unsuitable for any of their children. The meanings behind many human names couldn’t withstand arcane scrutiny. Thus Sarah was prompted to ask about her own name and what it meant. And Jareth found a loophole: his honest answer that he would prefer not to go into detail because he did not want to hurt her seemed to be accepted. Instead, she released him from that question in exchange for a different one. Jareth had to explain the policy of Official Names of Royals, and had to teach her how to say her High Court-recognized name.
Possibly Jareth kept a parchment in his study, counting off the remainder. Sixteen down, four to go.
Possibly Sarah kept a record as well. Four more questions with a
:iconkyndsie:Kyndsie 10 17
Dear Miss Expert 5 - Labyrinth FF
Dear Miss Expert,
How do I get rid of these dreams that I keep having? Well… not all of them. Just some of them.
I keep having dreams about some things that I haven’t seen before, places that I haven’t seen, animals that aren’t real… and people that I haven’t met.
I’ll be honest: I really enjoy most of the dreams, except every once in awhile I end up with a weird and nasty smell that I can’t seem to get rid of. The only reason that I know that I don’t actually stink is because my dog doesn’t react any differently to me. Yeah, and I guess that my step-mother would make comments about it. No, my step-mother would definitely make comments about it!
But when I wake up, there’s a couple of different songs that keep running through my head, and it’s harder and harder to focus on “important” stuff, like homework and baby-sitting and my friends.
So… how do I get these dreams
:iconkyndsie:Kyndsie 10 30

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I admit that my first reaction was laughter. Enjoyment at the thought, and the combination of images that you use. I could see this rem...

I don't know much in the way of technical photography terms, but I know what moves me, what touches me, what impresses me. And this doe...




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